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The Village Learning Center
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Infant Curriculum
The Village does a lot more than just provide your infant with a loving and caring environment. We believe that a child is born ready to learn so our curriculum is designed with the children and teachers in mind. Our well-trained teachers provide them with activities that will stimulate infants' senses to encourage their mental and physical development as we offer a balance between teacher-guided activities and child exploration.

We believe that it is important to provide a comfortable environment for our infants to aid in their development process. We will perform the simple tasks of changing their diapers, feeding them, talking and singing to them, and playing games with them; all in a manner that should yield positive responses. Your child will have an opportunity to play with age-appropriate toys that they can grasp with their tiny hands.

Components of our Infant Curriculum

Language Development
Our daily schedule promotes language development through the use of books, songs and other activities. With the teachers' help, your infant child should become more familiar with language and should increase your child's vocabulary. 

Teachers provide hands-on activities that will allow your infant child to explore rhythm and understand that each action causes a reaction. Examples would be hand clapping games or when a child drops their cup repeatedly or shaking a rattle to make noise.

Sensory Development
Teachers will provide your infant with daily activities that promote sensory development through toys that make soft and loud noises, toys that offer different textures such as soft and cuddly opposed to hard or bumpy surfaces and a lot of other objects. They will plan activities that will help your child develop their fine motor skills and mobility.

Your infant child will be exposed to easy listening music including nursery rhymes throughout the day. Your child will also learn to create and respond to sounds with their mouth, their hands and with musical instruments that are age-appropriate.

Our teachers will expose your infant child to the wonderful world of stimulating colors, shapes and textures. When developmentally appropriate, your child will have an opportunity to explore the texture of paint and use large crayons to create their first masterpieces.

Exploring My World
From the time your child is born through the first year of life, your infant begins to develop a sense of self. They discover their fingers and hands. They realize they can kick their little feet, make noises with their mouth, and move to and fro. Throughout the course of the day, they will be given floor time to develop their gross motor skills (i.e., crawling, climbing, walking, running, etc.), as they explore the world around them.
Early Learning Through Discovery