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The Village Learning Center
Call: (804) 648-KIDS (5437)
Email: thevillagelearningcenter@yahoo.com
Monthly Class Curriculum
Class 1: Tiny Angels
Puppet: Bunny Rabbit
Book: "Babies Like Me", "In the Grass" 

Theme: Babies Like Me
Class 1: Tiny Tots
Letter: Hh
Number: Identity 8
Color: Yellow
Shape: Oval
Book: "Babies Like Me", "In the Grass"
Puppet: Bunny Rabbit

Class 2: Shooting Stars
Letters: V, W, X
Number: Identify 1-4
Counting: 1-25
Shape: Oval
Colors: Pink, Yellow
Book: "In the Grass"
Opposites: Same/Different, Tall/Short
Health: Caleb Corn
Value: Giving
Song: "In the Grass"
Theme: Babies Like Me
Theme: In the Grass
Class 3: Busy Bees
Theme: In the Grass
Letters: Q, R, S
Numbers: 29, 30, 31
Counting: 1-100 
Colors: Rainbow Colors
Shapes: Square, Triangle
Opposites: In/Out
Value: Respect
Health Character: Wendy Watermelon
Song: "The Ants Go Marching"
Kids in the Kitchen: Eating Bugs (Gummy Worms)

Class 4: Brilliant Butterflies
Theme: Animals, Animals, Animals
Letters: Z, X, Y
Numbers: Adding & Subtracting
Shape: Review All
Nursery Rhyme: "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
Character Education: Everyone needs to share

Purpose: To help children develop an understanding of exotic and endangered animals. We will continue to work with money by counting pennies and nickels. We will also add and subtract numbers. 

Important Dates
Arbor Day