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The Village Learning Center
Call: (804) 648-KIDS (5437)
Email: thevillagelearningcenter@yahoo.com
Monthly Class Curriculum
Class 1: Tiny Angels
Puppet: Truck
Book: "Truck" 

Theme: I Go
Class 1: Tiny Tots
Letter: Ff
Number: Identity 6
Colors: Pink and White
Shape: Heart
Book: "Big Machines"
Puppet: Truck

Class 2: Shooting Stars
Letters: P, Q, R
Number: Identify 1-3
Counting: 1-20
Shape: Heart
Color: Pink
Book: "Big Machines"
Opposites: Push/Pull, Fast/Slow
Health: Wendy Watermelon
Value: Self-Discipline
Song: "The Bucket on the Trucks"
Theme: Trucks and Big Machines
Theme: Trucks and Big Machines
Class 3: Busy Bees
Theme: Trucks and Big Machines
Letters: A-O
Numbers: 28, 29, 30 
Colors: Pink and Red
Shapes: Heart, Octagon, Oval
Opposites: Left/Right
Value: Caring
Food Character: Wendy Watermelon

Class 4: Brilliant Butterflies
Theme: Let's Go to Work
Letters: L, E, K, G
Numbers: 17-19
Ordinal Position: 1st-5th
Shape: Cone
Nursery Rhyme: "Old King Cole"
Character Education: Let's Be Kind

Purpose: To help children develop an appreciation for the importance of a healthy diet, daily exercise, and proper hygiene.

Important Dates
Black History Month
President's Day
Valentine's Day