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The Village Learning Center
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Pre-School Curriculum
The learning foundation has been set once we advance from the Toddler Program. The pre-school child has reached many milestones and has become more confident, and should have developed to a point that they are ready for greater learning challenges. At this stage of development, we introduce more routines and structure to the children’s activities as we prepare them for Kindergarten. Although the child continues to explore independently, we initiate more teacher-guided activities as we introduce new concepts and skills in our creative curriculum along with the HighReach Learning Curriculum. We continue with monthly themes and we continue to provide creative, hands-on activities that allow the children to learn through experimentation and exploration while encouraging independent thinking skills. Language, science, math, patterning, community helpers, and creative expression are a few of the skills covered in this curriculum.

Components of our Pre-School Curriculum

Language Development and Literacy
As a child progresses through the ranks of our curriculum, we realize the possibilities of enhancing a child’s knowledge are limitless. Through our creative curriculum and the use of HighReach Learning Curriculum, we cover a wide range of materials which focus on literacy, Intro to Spanish, character education, language development, socialization, and a whole lot more. Our teachers use every resource available to provide creative, hands-on activities and allows for a child to progress and adapt to this fun learning environment. We build on phonological awareness skills and concepts through the use of alphabet and picture charts.

Teachers provide hands-on activities that will allow your pre-school child to explore number concepts ( i.e., counting, sorting, patterning, etc.). With this curriculum, the teacher continues to encourage the use of patterns and introduces sequencing and problem solving and a Making Sense of Money series.

Our teachers introduce simple science to our pre-school children including kid-pleasing science concepts, from magnets to bubbles, insects to volcanoes, and planting seeds and watching them grow. Through the many activities that are presented, children learn to predict outcomes, ask questions, and investigate answers. It's amazing to watch preschoolers develop essential observations and analytical skills as they eagerly dive into the hands-on science experiments.

Your preschoolers will be exposed to music through nursery rhymes, sing-a-long songs, playing more advanced, age-appropriate instruments and moving to music through daily exercise routines. Learning songs will be played throughout the day covering various topics like transportation, fantastic foods, community helpers, and healthy habits. These catchy tunes will reinforce materials they have learned and promote rhythm.

Our teachers will introduce activities to your preschoolers that encourage drawing and using a paintbrush to help develop fine motor skills. Teachers will provide your child with opportunities to trace and copy simple shapes and explore different art techniques that include folding, cutting and coloring. Your child will continue to create beautiful collectible art designed for your refrigerator or your desk at work.

Exploring My World
In this stage of learning, we will introduce the preschooler to God’s great country by discussing similarities and differences in families, homes, and foods in other countries. We start with our own country, The United States of America, and travel abroad to learn about other cultures throughout the world. Each month we will introduce a new country and complete our segment by preparing a simple taste test of that country’s favorite food and create a costume representative of that country. 
Learning Through Experimentation