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The Village Learning Center
Call: (804) 648-KIDS (5437)
Email: thevillagelearningcenter@yahoo.com
Infant Curriculum
The Village does a lot more than just provide your infant with a loving and caring environment. We believe that a child is born ready to learn so our curriculum is designed with the children and teachers in mind. Our well-trained teachers provide them with activities that will stimulate infants' senses to encourage their mental and physical development as we offer a balance between teacher-guided activities and child exploration.​

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Our Programs
At The Village Learning Center, we take care to provide our children high quality care in a family-oriented environment. Our staff members are professional, courteous and look forward to the opportunity to guide the upbringing of our little ones.
Toddler Curriculum
Day by day, week by week, and before you know it, a year has past and our infants have matured and become toddlers. At this stage in their life, the young toddler must continue to be stimulated in every area of their life. The Village must continue to guide your little ones and stimulate their senses through daily activities. Our well trained teachers provide them with activities that will help develop such skills as pushing and pulling objects, sorting objects by color, shape and size, and exploring the different concepts of big and little. ​

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Preschool Curriculum
The learning foundation has been set once we advance from the Toddler Program at The Village. The preschool child has reached many milestones and has become more confident, and should have developed to a point that they are ready for greater learning challenges. At this stage of development, we introduce more routines and structure to the children’s activities as we prepare them for Kindergarten. Although the child continues to explore independently, we initiate more teacher-guided activities as we introduce new concepts and skills in our creative curriculum along with the HighReach Learning Curriculum. 

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Learning Programs for All Ages
After-School Enrichment
A group of school-age children from area elementary schools will have an opportunity to participate in an After-School Enrichment Program. The goal of the program is to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can do the following:

  • Receive assistance with homework
  • Engage in educational activities
  • Utilize the computer appropriately
  • Participate in other enrichment programs offered

Each child is allotted a one hour homework period. Also, each child is expected to complete at least 20 minutes of reading daily.

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