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The Village Learning Center
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Toddler Curriculum
Day by day, week by week, and before you know it, a year has past and our infants have matured and become toddlers. At this stage in their life, the young toddler must continue to be stimulated in every area of their life. The Village must continue to guide your little ones and stimulate their senses through daily activities. Our well trained teachers provide them with activities that will help develop such skills as pushing and pulling objects, sorting objects by color, shape and size, and exploring the different concepts of big and little.

We realize that toddlers are at the exploratory stage in their life and they do so with boundless energy. We will incorporate the use of the HighReach® Learning Curriculum along with our own creative curriculum to encourage their sense of discovery and imagination and also continue building an early vocabulary. We will use Monthly Themes to aid in making learning meaningful and fun. The curriculum also offers opportunities for parental/family involvement.

Components of our Toddler Curriculum

Language Development
Our daily schedule promotes language development through the use of books, songs and other activities. With the teachers help, toddlers should become more familiar with language and should help to increase your child’s vocabulary. We receive new vocabulary cards containing pictures that your toddler will be able to identify. The toddlers also participate in various skill building concepts of talking and listening promoting social skills. At this stage we also introduce alphabet recognition using songs and charts with pictures.

Teachers provide hands-on activities that will allow your toddler to explore number concepts ( i.e., one and many, big and little), and matching/sorting shapes and colors. With this curriculum, the teacher introduces patterns, Color Displays, the use of a Calendar Display and a whole lot more.

Sensory Development
Teachers will provide your toddler with daily activities that promote sensory development through toys that make quiet and loud noises, toys that offer different textures such as soft and hard, cold and hot, wet and dry and a lot of other objects. The teachers will plan movement activities that will assist your toddler in refining their muscle control.

Your toddler will be will be exposed to music through singing songs and nursery rhymes, playing simple instruments and moving to music through daily exercise routines.

Our teachers will introduce activities to your toddlers that encourage scribbling and using a paintbrush to help develop fine motor skills. They will also use large crayons and finger paint to create beautiful art work perfect for display.

Exploring My World
Your toddler has begun his/her journey in socializing and becoming aware of others and their feelings. We will provide opportunities for your child to develop relationships through closely supervised group activities. Also, throughout the course of the day, they will be given floor time to develop their gross motor skills (climbing, walking, running, jumping, etc.), as they explore the world around them. We also introduce an “All About Me? series as we have fun learning about each other covering birthdays, favorite foods, favorite toys, my family, etc.
Learning Through Stimulation